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Susan Payne Susan.Payne at cpa.state.tx.us
Fri Jul 17 12:49:26 CDT 2009

Can a list have only one item? Is it truly a list at this point? In my
example there's  a page with a department's responsibilities, each
listing details (as a ul)  of that responsibility. Example


What this dept. does:

Train agency staff

*	Teaches system-specific and policy administration classes that
help designated agency personnel understand systems functionality and
the policies behind those systems.
*	Teaches year-end classes to help agencies roll their data to the
new fiscal year or complete their calendar year-end reporting.
*	Teaches specialized classes by request. 

Define and disseminate policies and procedures

*	Drafts rules for state payroll and personnel administration and
related policies agencies must follow. The Legislature gives our agency
rule-making authority for specific statutes. 


A list is a list is a list, right? If you have a to-do-list but only one
thing on it, does it cease to be a list? Then do you have a to-do
paragraph? A writer here asked to 'remove the bullet' as there was only
one. I suspect she's coming from more of a formatting standpoint and I'm
thinking more semantically. I feel the last bullet shouldn't be a
paragraph  b/c it's still a listing of details on that item.


And getting more complicated. . .the subheaders (train agency staff) are
h3s and should probably be list items as well, huh?


What a mess. 


Susan Payne


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