[thelist] photo copyrights

Niklas niklaso at swipnet.se
Mon Jul 20 15:27:01 CDT 2009

Nan Harbison wrote:
> Evolters,
> I am about to do a website for a former US Olympic athlete. She wants to use
> several of the photos taken of her during the Olympics, and afterwards, like
> when Campbell Soup used a photo of her (and paid her for it). Another photo
> was in Life Magazine.
> So the question is - what about the copyrights on these photos? Since they
> are of her, does she have any rights to use them on her website for her
> business? Or does she have to track down the photographers, call Campbell
> Soup, etc. and get their permissions?
> Thanks,
> Nan
Hi Nan,
Without knowing the exact rules in the different countries I would say
she would not have any rights to use them as they are the property of
the photographer
or the company that had them taken. I guess there could be exceptions
Asking if you can use them is probably a good idea either way.


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