[thelist] New project Qippo.com

Sun Jul 26 20:21:09 CDT 2009

You must take some of us for idiots.  Below is your copy from one
other mailing list.  You just spammed other email lists with similar
messages - in an attempt to get people to go to your site.   You've
been reported to your ISP.  Dont you think that people here can tell
what you ate for breakfast?   Fool.    OH and in a matter of 25
minutes you managed to change your email address too?   Yea.  OK.
How's the weather in Russia?

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date:	Sun, Jul 26, 2009 at 20:44
subject:	[css-d] CSS check for qippo.com
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20:44 (34 minutes ago)
I'm working on comparison site (http://www.qippo.com/) using Ajax.
Looks like everything Ok, but I
can't check it in IE6. Please, can some one look on it and say if
there any problems?
Regards, Tony.

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