[thelist] spammers/spambots

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Mon Jul 27 10:04:57 CDT 2009

Just curious,  I am finishing up a little program, the preprocessor, 
which will be used to grab $_POST or $_REQUEST content, and if it meets 
certain criteria, reject any further processing. 

So the first question, automated spambots, do they attempt to fill in 
content in any/all fields even if the field is bogus/contrived?

And the second question, much of the spam content I see is posted in 
non-English dialects, way not English.  If I knew where to start I can 
probably include some of this "stuff" in a reject list, but I'm not 
surehow to get or convert these odd looking characters into something my 
forms can handle.  Suggestions?


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