[thelist] Does Safari consistently print at 3/4 size?

Barney Carroll barney at clickwork.net
Wed Jul 29 04:41:36 CDT 2009

Hello list,

Warning: This email problem is vague and highly specific in its interest.

I've been requested to produce an HTML coupon to be printed out by the user
and redeemed in stores. The coupon is to feature (among other things)
resolution-sensitive elements such as small-print Ts&Cs and a barcode, and
the client is adamant that the coupon itself end up at A5 size (148 x 210
mm). I'm aware that HTML is an unusual, unpredictable and generally
inadvisable format for print, but in this particular circumstance it's a
moot point.

Using a high-resolution image with print-specific styles setting the
dimensions in mm, I have managed to produce consistent results across the
board (on standard settings, with my specific PC, with my specific printer)
— except in Safari.

Safari (using the same print dialogue settings) seems to print everything at
3/4 size — including the header and footer data (title, date/time, url, page
#), as if its prerogative was to produce huge margins.

I was wondering if anybody knew with any certainty or a bit more practice
whether this was standard behaviour for Safari — ie, would it be worth my
while to set dimensions to 133.33% for Safari only?

Barney Carroll

barney.carroll at gmail.com
07594 506 381

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