[thelist] spammers/spambots

Daniel Burke dan.p.burke at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 21:50:05 CDT 2009

All of the captcha's have been broken by the spammers, by code.
The less skilled spammers use porn sites as a way of encouraging people to
turk for them.
There are a large amount of porn sites that will make you enter a captcha to
view the pics, the problem is, that captcha actually belongs to another


"It's your privilege as an artist to inflict the pain of creativity on
yourself." --Programming Perl 3rd Edition, end of first chapter.

On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 3:01 AM, Jon Molesa <rjmolesa at consoltec.net> wrote:

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> Another approach would be to add http://recaptcha.net support to the form.
> Go here http://recaptcha.net/resources.html for various libraries.
> The result would be the same but more work for real people where the first
> one handles it transparently.
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> 4) Integrate http://akismet.com/ into your application.  To catch known
> and suspected spam automatically.  There are several libraries for
> integrating with apps other than Wordpress.
> http://akismet.com/development/
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