[thelist] common marketing/advertising misconception (was RE: spammers/spambots)

Joel D Canfield Joel at BizBa6.com
Thu Jul 30 11:25:46 CDT 2009

> But obviously somebody out there must be, or else why would spammers
> continue to spam?

because it's essentially free, and they clearly have nothing better to
do with their time, and they believe the misconception, too.

lots of people create 12-foot-long squeeze pages. lots of them. filled
with jerky pushy sales tactics. lots of people do it, so it must work,

I'm not aware of any evidence that it does.

I'm also not aware of any evidence that anyone actually buys certain
meds or personal services after receiving unsolicited commercial emails.
if anyone on this list does know someone who's done so, I'd be very
interested to hear it, since it fundamentally contradicts my current
thinking. in other words, if I'm wrong, prove me wrong, so I can learn

On a mission to kill marketing misconceptions. Get out your pitchforks
and torches, folks.


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