[thelist] moving webhosting and losing all the old emails....

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Fri Jul 31 13:16:21 CDT 2009

Nan Harbison wrote:
> Anthony - I usually use Godaddy, but this domain name is registered at
> register.com until 2014, so I don't want to make them pay to move it over.
> So that leaves moving everything to register.com, and they will give us a
> dedicated IP address so we can be looking at the site before changing the
> DNS. Godaddy doesn't exactly allow that, although they let you use
> yourwebsite.previewdns.com or something to look at it. 
> I now can't reach anyone in their office, I think they are gone for the
> weekend, drat, I wanted to get going on this.

Any registrar you transfer too will only charge you a transfer fee, 
usually the same price as a one year renewal. Your current expiration 
would then be 2015.

> And Jeremy, I don't think I have root access, But I will check as soon as I
> can catch anyone in this office! So which one, IMAP or POP3 means your email
> stays in Outlook if you switch hosting?

IMAP can do both. That's why if they are using IMAP they need to 
physically move the mail from the server to the local mailbox. POP3 will 
always have the mail local.

What I used to do with large moves is setup a new DNS entry for the new 
mail server. And have the users setup a new account using the new mail 
server info. This way they have two accounts setup locally. That way any 
mail which gets routed to the olde server during the switch over will 
still be picked up. (For the switch, I changed the MX record to the new 
mail server name. Easy peasy.)

Anthony Baratta

"Who dares, wins."
-- Motto of the SAS (British Special Forces)

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