[thelist] IE - Done, but with errors on the page

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Sun Aug 2 11:39:25 CDT 2009

Lee Kowalkowski wrote:
> 2009/7/31 Bob Meetin <bobm at dottedi.biz>:
>> IE6 or IE7 - Done, but with errors on the page
>> Pages load fine but display the error at the bottom of the browser.
>> Firefox is happy.  How do you commonly troubleshoot this problem?
> That particular message is exclusively reserved for JavaScript as far as I know.
> Double-clicking the message should bring up a pop-up window with
> details, keep an eye out if the 'previous' button is enabled, as it's
> likely a previous error is more relevant.  And the line number is
> normally out by 1, probably because it considers the first line as
> line 0.
> I troubleshoot IE-specific JavaScript errors with the Microsoft Script
> Editor that comes as an optional install with MS Office.  If you have
> MS Office, you can install it via Add/Remove programs and browsing
> through the custom installation options for Office.  This is probably
> a 'lite' version of Visual Studio, but it's far far better than the
> free Script Debugger you can get from Microsoft, which I find
> practically featureless.
I have Firebug installed on Firefox, so following along with what's been 
suggested, I had to first re-enable it to see that there are errors, 
then double-clicked on the 2 Errors warning.  That is the easy part.  
This also confirmed that it is not simply an IE problem, but IE makes 
the problem appear more serious than Firefox.  Errors aside, I don't see 
how the problem is negatively impacting viewing the site but certainly 
it must, perhaps performance, don't know. 

The hard part, sourcing the errors, will take a little more grit and 
enthusiasm.  The site in question is in Joomla.  Although the errors 
(thanks to Firebug) point to .js files, the way the files are written 
and the site is delivered it's impossible for me to follow the error to 
a specific offending line. 

Just to be sure, I went back to the template source for this site to 
check/see if there are any errors with this template.  The answer is no, 
meaning that I did a customization somewhere along the way, perhaps in 
fine-tuning for performance, etc. which I will need to back track.  The 
other possibility is that I added a module or component which is causing 
the problem.  Either way, I have some homework ahead of me.

Thx, Bob

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