[thelist] VBScript output randomizer

Jenni Beard jenni at theweblotus.com
Tue Aug 11 16:30:40 CDT 2009

Hi Bill, and thanks for the reply.  One thing I do not understand from this,
is how it ties in to the array I've already created:

Dim dancer(3)


Or, if I've not done the array correctly, how the code below will be written
to tie it into the images that need to randomize.  Help please?



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Hi Jenni,

I would do something like this:

Function RandomNumber(intHighestNumber)
	RandomNumber = Int(intHighestNumber * Rnd) + 1
End Function

'if you have 4 images, you would call it like this:

touse = RandomNumber(4)


Then, touse will hold a value of 1,2,3, or 4.

using your css rules pre-defined, you can simply output like this:

<div class="dancer" id="dancer<%= touse %>"></div>

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