[thelist] FW: Link Rot

Joel Canfield joel at bizba6.com
Wed Aug 12 15:46:54 CDT 2009

> Yes?  No?  Any value here?  Or is everyone already using a much simpler
> procedure that I haven't been clued in on yet?
I like it (other than the part about sending the problems to me.)

My request is, don't make the magic URLs case sensitive, the way Bit.ly did.
Yeah, you have to add a sixth character to get a billion instead of a
million; people were just starting to get used to case insensitivity on the
web and now they've taken a big step backwards.

Looking forward to reading the full article, and the follow-up where you
talk about how you implemented it at your place of employment. And the
follow-up about introducing heretical ideas in conservative businesses ;)


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