[thelist] FW: Link Rot

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Aug 13 13:31:57 CDT 2009

Joel Canfield noted:

>>I like it (other than the part about sending the problems to me.)

Awww ... and here I thought that was a new business opportunity for ya!  ;-PPPPP

>>My request is, don't make the magic URLs case sensitive, the way Bit.ly did.

Interesting.  Hadn't thought about that.  I guess I wasn't expecting anyone to try to type one in.  I believe I was considering the URL itself to be something more akin to a sku and that any 'intelligence' would go in either in the descriptive text or in something like the link's title attribute.

I have also rethought my exclusion of things like css links.  I'm leaning now towards including them.  You would want to know when they break as well, right?

>>Looking forward to reading the full article, 

>>and the follow-up where you talk about how you implemented it at your place of employment. 
<thpt> You mean where I talk about cleaning diet coke out my keyboard? [... Although my opinions on the matter have been forwarded to the IT 'powers that be' ... so we shall see!]

>>And the follow-up about introducing heretical ideas in conservative businesses ;)
Hear, hear!  Author, author ... Oh!  Dat's you!  


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