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Chris Price chris.price at choctaw.co.uk
Fri Aug 14 18:17:07 CDT 2009

Norman Bunn wrote:
> When you open this link, there is a image in the upper right entitled
> "Navigation Wheel".  This launches a pop-up, that you should be able to
> click and cause the original window to change.  Instead it is creating a new
> tab or a new pop-up, so the more you click, the more windows you get.
> Any ideas on how do I get it to update the original window?
Not only does it create a new tab, once you've clicked the wheel in the 
pop-up, the pop-up loses focus so it and the original window have 

Pop-ups are irritating critters and I have taken to use other devices 
wherever I can.

I would suggest using a combination of css and javascript. I would have 
a div which is absolutely positioned but invisible when the page loads. 
Then when you click on the wheel, that div appears with the pleasing 
effect of the compass needle. You can include a query in the url which 
tells the next page to make the div appear on-load so that its always 
there until its no longer needed.

If you do it properly you can get rid of all the onclicks and javascript 
calls in the code.

I was confused because there was no mouseover effect on the wheel on the 
main page. You can give it a cursor: pointer style to do that.

I love the imagery but the mechanics are clumsy.

Just noticed you said you got the answer but would you consider an 
unobtrusive javascript and css solution?


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