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>so, my search for "hosting I don't hate" continues. if I go with the
>incredibly expensive option of dedicated hosting, does the hosting company
>generally manage the server, whilst leaving me carte blanche as far as how
>use the space, or am I responsible for the server's software as well?

I now use Managed VPS machines for most of our clients (some shared hosting
others with the whole VPS to themselves). 

It's kind of the best of both worlds: The VPS provider manages the OS,
security, patches, etc, and keep everything that they provided with the VPS
updated (cPanel/WHM, MySQL, etc.). I still have root access so I can add
apps and make adjustments to the server. They don't support 3rd party apps,
but I don't think that you'll find many hosting (hardware) providers that

I have one client that we provide a similar service for: they have an
employee that manages their sites, we manage the layer of the server between
the VPS provider and the employee, along with providing direct support for
anything that they don't want to (or can't) deal with. You should be able to
find others that provide this type of service, or will manage a dedicated
server or VPS for you.



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