[thelist] Differing SQL Server Versions and Backups

Jay Turley jayturley at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 13:14:14 CDT 2009

Hi all-

A long-time client (heck my recent employer 'till I went freelance a few
months ago) is using a proprietary web application I built and continue to

The database used is SQL Server.

Our in-house development and staging servers are SQL Server 2000 SP4.
Frequently I would use DTS to pull down the production data from our web
host, as they too used SQL Server 2000. This was critical to performing bug
analysis and fixes without affecting production data or code.

Recently they upgraded to SQL Server 2005. As a result, DTS no longer works.
I can get backups of the database using a tool they provide called

However, I have no idea how to get this data into our testing and staging
servers since they are running SQL Server 2000 instead of SQL Server 2005.

Any ideas? I'm kind of stumped.


-Jay Turley

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