[thelist] seeking comments and feedback on ejunkie for a non-list friend

Pieter Roosens pieter at roosensdesign.com
Wed Aug 19 14:48:00 CDT 2009

Op 18-aug-09, om 15:25 heeft Joel Canfield het volgende geschreven:

> my good friend Charlie Cheney needs a way to sell his Indie Band  
> Manager
> software and his own MP3s via download. he's been doing physical  
> product for
> software and music until now.
> he's pretty web savvy, but has no ecommerce experience that I know of.
> how's ejunkie? any alternatives he should check out? anyone willing to
> engage in conversation with him offlist about it?
> thanks muchly

A few years ago, I compared (and read user comments) the most popular  
systems to sell digital and tangible stuff on the web and I ended up  
with e-junkie.
So far it works flawlessly. Works for pdf, mp3, almost anything.
Until now, we used it only for digital files.


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