[thelist] Blog URLs - single blog domain or multiple?

Gersten, John JGERSTEN at lchb.com
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It's not that blogs are bad at all, quite the contrary. The concerns relate to possibly shooting ourselves in the collective digital foot vis a vis search engine friendliness/optimization and to potentially confusing some visitors.

Thus, the most prominent reason given was an advantage in having numerous natural links across multiple domains rather than running entirely amidst a single domain. Another argument was that since the blog sites by their nature tend to look very different from (and be more focused than) the corporate site, there would be less chance of confusing visitors since they'd be likely to see/think "different domain, sure, different look/feel makes sense."

We are considering subdomains, but the concern is that use thereof would entail the same perceived disadvantages as having everything on a single domain.

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It is my understanding that search engines like sites that update  
regularly. Thus, it follows that a blog is *good* for your domain, not  
bad.  What reasons do these people give for why blogs would be bad?   
It's news to me.

That being said, if you want to separate them, there's another option:  


However, I see no reason not to just put them on your main site.


On Aug 19, 2009, at 4:02 PM, Gersten, John wrote:

> We have been advised by several different people that from a search  
> optimization point of view, it is best to position commentary blogs  
> on a separate domain from one's main corporate domain.
> For example, if one's main company website was www.universalwidgets.com 
> , a blog about industry trends should not be positioned at www.universalwidgets.com/blog 
> , but rather at a separate domain such as www.widgetsblog.com. This  
> seems sensible enough; our problem comes with the prospect of  
> multiple blogs.
> Does anyone have any sense of an optimum approach when creating more  
> than one "parallel" blog? The choice to us seems to be between:


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