[thelist] cross browser <div> float weirdness

m riedel matt at ledeir.com
Thu Aug 20 18:31:53 CDT 2009

The only thing that I see that is troubling (at least to my eye) is the long 
unbroken line beginning at <ul class="menutop"> (sorry, no line numbers - I 
got lazy). IE will render differently if things are on one line versus 
multiple lines.

What this has to do with  messing up the image order is beyond me, but I've 
learned to expect the unexpected in cross-browser/cross-platform HTML.

Also, the long line makes it hard to manually parse and debug. [yes, I have 
the white beard, but no red suspenders!]

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> I'm desperate here...
> I thought I'd followed all of the tips/tutorials for CSS layouts. Works
> great in FF on OS X, Chromium on OS X, Safari on OS X.
> IE on windows, however, barfs. See how the divs containing the thumbnails
> and their descriptive <p> are float: left, clear: right. That should make
> them wrap, right? So when they fill a row and run into the end of the
> element they're in, they wrap to the next row.
> In IE though, there's a fourth image that displays underneath the right
> column.
> Why?
> http://mauiestaterental.com/estates-villas/wailea-beach-villas/Golden-Mandarin-D102/Image-Gallery.html
> I'm mostly a PHP guy and not a cross-browser limitation expert.
> Anyone care to give me a hand troubleshooting?
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