[thelist] Joomla anyone? also PHP randomizer?

Jenni Beard jenni at theweblotus.com
Fri Aug 21 20:27:17 CDT 2009

Hi all,


Increasingly frustrated here!  I posted last week while trying to make an
image randomize within a CSS layout.  Thanks again for the help on that.


Now I have a new problem.  The client wants Joomla added to the site, and
has had it installed on his server (GoDaddy).  I've used an Access based CMS
before, but never Joomla or any other one.  The CMS I was using previously,
a proprietary one with the company I used to work for, was very simple to
integrate with an html template.  Joomla, apparently, is not.


So, now I've got this great template for my site, with ASP code to make the
one background image switch out.  And, Joomla's main page is a php page so
it won't even read my ASP code.  It appears as though I have to create my
template somewhat differently than my usual method, though I'm finding some
workarounds for that to simplify things a little.


Any suggestions?  I don't know PHP at all, though I am guessing that there
is a PHP function similar to that which I'm using in ASP to make the
background switch out (thank you again, Brian!).  Or I could use Javascript
if I could figure that out.  As I've mentioned previously, my web expertise
is more in the marketing area, and the more technical things I am very shaky
on-trying to learn, though!


Thanks for any help!





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