[thelist] cross browser <div> float weirdness

Nadeem Hosenbokus nadeem at multigraphics.biz
Fri Aug 21 22:10:57 CDT 2009


The display seems fine in IE8. IE7 and IE6 aren't good though.

I just removed the 'clear: right;' from "DIV.gallery-image-container" and
seemed fine to me in all browsers.

IE hasn't been very good with 'clear' in the past.

Hope this helps,

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I'm desperate here...

I thought I'd followed all of the tips/tutorials for CSS layouts. Works
great in FF on OS X, Chromium on OS X, Safari on OS X.

IE on windows, however, barfs. See how the divs containing the thumbnails
and their descriptive <p> are float: left, clear: right. That should make
them wrap, right? So when they fill a row and run into the end of the
element they're in, they wrap to the next row.

In IE though, there's a fourth image that displays underneath the right



I'm mostly a PHP guy and not a cross-browser limitation expert.

Anyone care to give me a hand troubleshooting?

John Corry
PHP developer - 3by400, Inc

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