[thelist] Joomla anyone? also PHP randomizer?

John Corry jcorry.lists at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 20:56:52 CDT 2009

I work at a Joomla shop.

Joomla is not something you 'add to the site'.

It IS the site.

Implementations (better described as train wrecks or cf's) I've seen of
'adding it to a site' included using iframes to display non-templated joomla
pages (that contained some component the client needed).

It's really not the way to go.

Redoing the site in Joomla would be the way to approach that problem. You
need not be a PHP developer to do that...though you will if you want to
customize Joomla or write your own components/modules...which is probably

During that redesign, you'll get to select a template/theme for Joomla and
style it using your own graphic sense. It's easier than it sounds...unless
you decide to build your own template from scratch, which will suck...even
if you're a PHP pro.

Good luck, let me know if you have any questions.

> Now I have a new problem.  The client wants Joomla added to the site,
> and
> has had it installed on his server (GoDaddy).  I've used an Access based
> before, but never Joomla or any other one.  The CMS I was using
> previously,
> a proprietary one with the company I used to work for, was very simple
> to
> integrate with an html template.  Joomla, apparently, is not.
> So, now I've got this great template for my site, with ASP code to make
> the
> one background image switch out.  And, Joomla's main page is a php page
> so
> it won't even read my ASP code.  It appears as though I have to create
> my
> template somewhat differently than my usual method, though I'm finding
> some
> workarounds for that to simplify things a little.
> Any suggestions?  I don't know PHP at all, though I am guessing that
> there
> is a PHP function similar to that which I'm using in ASP to make the
> background switch out (thank you again, Brian!).  Or I could use
> Javascript
> if I could figure that out.  As I've mentioned previously, my web
> expertise
> is more in the marketing area, and the more technical things I am very
> shaky
> on-trying to learn, though!

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