[thelist] Joomla anyone? also PHP randomizer?

Mohan Arun L marun2 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 03:14:35 CDT 2009

Any suggestions?  I don't know PHP at all, though I am guessing that
there is a PHP function similar to that which I'm using in ASP to make
the background switch out (thank you again, Brian!).  Or I could use
Javascript if I could figure that out.  As I've mentioned previously,
my web expertise is more in the marketing area, and the more technical
things I am very shaky on-trying to learn, though!

I guess I remember you wanted the background dancer image to change
upon every page load. I guess you need php image rotation script.

If the dancer image switch needs to be initiated by the user (on
clicking a link or something) then you would need to use alternate
style sheet.

(scroll down to the section titled 'alternate fun')
If you view source you can see alternate stylesheet in use - to change
stylesheet (which changes the background image) you would click on the
link that initiates the action or go to View > page style> and change
the style sheet there. (Firefox)

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