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Steve Bigelow steve.bigelow at tkcsb.com
Tue Aug 25 19:50:53 CDT 2009

You can specify a lot of the display attributes in the hash of the URL used
to open the PDF document.

For example, this link inside an HTML page might do what you want:


...where the key piece is the URL hash "#zoom=100", meaning you want the
document to be scaled to 100%.

Another option might be the hash "#page=1&view=fitH", meaning start the
display on page 1 of the document, and scale the document to fit the
horizontal width of its container.

I've not tried this using PDF viewers other than Adobe Acrobat.

Adobe's "PDF Open Parameters" documentation for Acrobat 7 (downlevel, I
know) is at:

Steve Bigelow
TKCSB Images

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> Thanks; I'm looking for a web option since these are archive documents 
> provided by the client, and it's not likely anyone's going to go re- 
> create them.
> A web option?

Here's an idea. Instead of linking directly to your PDFs, link to a
server-side script that opens them with a PDF component, reads them into
memory, sets the relevant option and streams the document to the browser.

I haven't tested this, but it looks like in ABCpdf.NET you can use the
SetInfo method of the Doc object to set the default zoom of the current page
to 100%:

    "[ " + theDoc.Page.ToString()
    + " 0 R /XYZ null null 1 ]")

I've no idea how you'd do this in PHP, which I'm sure will be your next
question, but someone on here will know!



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