[thelist] interesting traffic change at our website

Robert Lee rob at rob-n-steph.net
Sat Aug 29 09:09:18 CDT 2009

It could be legitimate visitors, but it's also very likely that you're being
scanned by bots (and not the good kind!). 

I'd certainly check a few of the IP's on project honey pot, or some of the
other sites that work to block malicious bots.



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up 'til three days ago, our traffic was almost exclusively US. suddenly over
the past three days, a spike in other countries; all very short (under 1
minute) visits
out of 154 unique visitors

US = 33
Turkey = 12
Vietnam = 12
Saudi Arabia = 8
Brazil = 7
Indonesia, Hong King, Taiwan, Australia, France all had a few; 47 different
countries total

we have lots of video on the site; does that attract wildly erratic
international traffic?

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