[thelist] Amazon S3 for serving video: restricting permissions

Mohan Arun L marun2 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 05:27:36 CDT 2009

>> Dude, life's too short -- why don't you lease a server from someplace > like RackSpace and, if you're not inclined, put someone on retainer to handle installing/maintaining PHP, etc.?
> >
>>money. I don't have the funds, today, to start paying 5-10 times >>what I'm paying now.

have a look at
 - VDS/VPS at prices so low I havent seen elsewhere the same price
quoted. (I am not affiliated with them)

I saw in another forum that you can use
to host your videos - they allow password-protecting videos (I believe
it hosting is free but I am not sure about length limitation) - in
that case you would just hire a virtual assistant to create accounts
for your subscribers at ustream.tv when somebody signs up at your
site. Your flow would be something like this
User signs up at your site -> your virtual assistant gets notified via
email/IM -> create account at ustream.tv -> send username/password of
ustream to subscriber.
"Ustream allows you to password-protect your streams, so you can
provide a simple password to users you wish to invite."
"You can password protect your Live Streaming video page and then give
access to certain individuals limiting access to the public."

I believe vimeo also allows you to password protect your uploaded videos.
"Make video private for only contacts & password-protect for thos"

By using ustream or vimeo, you can satisfy your this requirement: "I
don't want to risk the possibility of uncontrolled ad hoc bandwidth
charges from Amazon.  I want to know that someone watching the video
is a paying member, which offsets my costs."- because bandwidth is
from vimeo and ustream - and you wont even have to pay for s3. I am
not sure if vimeo or ustream have a length limit, but I guess you
could work out a premium plan with their support, and the cost would
probably be lesser than spending time coding to password protect
videos on s3.

"Vimeo does not have a limitation on duration, but has a weekly limit
on upload size (500 MB)."

Or you could use this simple one liner php script to protect the php
pages that allows members to view videos

Of course, anybody watching a S3/ustream.tv/vimeo video could also
screencast the video and bootleg, if they really wanted to.


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