[thelist] make PDFs open at 100%

Annetta Hall AHall at NACDS.org
Tue Sep 1 09:00:20 CDT 2009

This can be controlled when creating a pdf or later by going to
File/Properties/Initial View/  Set the Magnification level to 100%.


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> You can specify a lot of the display attributes in the hash of the URL

> used to open the PDF document.
> For example, this link inside an HTML page might do what you want:
> [URLPathToThePDFDocument]/ThePDFDocument.pdf#zoom=100
> ...where the key piece is the URL hash "#zoom=100", meaning you want 
> the document to be scaled to 100%.
> Another option might be the hash "#page=1&view=fitH", meaning start
> display on page 1 of the document, and scale the document to fit the 
> horizontal width of its container.
> I've not tried this using PDF viewers other than Adobe Acrobat.
> Adobe's "PDF Open Parameters" documentation for Acrobat 7 (downlevel,
> know) is at:
> .pdf

This is a much better idea. I wish my google skills had enabled me to
find it before posting :-)  Thanks Steve, these look very useful.



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