[thelist] post variable/value for date picker

Chrome admin at chrome.me.uk
Tue Sep 1 18:18:56 CDT 2009

> I found this sweet datepicker called Rich Calendar.  I downloaded it,
> am
> trying to get a  $_POST to work with the inline version but don't see
> how to set this up.  The popup version works.  The line that calls the
> function is:
> <div id="cal1_div"></div>
> I have it set to echo back the following:
> print_r($_POST);
> echo "<br />";
> echo "POPUP Value: ";
> echo "$_POST[popup_cal_value]"
> How or where do I set the value/variable for the inline cal?  Somewhere
> in the inline javascript?  See my demo at:
> www.dottedi.biz/codesamples/datepickers/my-cal.php
> --
> Bob


Just a thought but maybe you could replace this line:

alert('Date selected: ' + cal.get_formatted_date());

With this line:

document.getElementById('text_field').value = cal.get_formatted_date());

In the function called cal_on_change_dummy



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