[thelist] selling a domain name

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Wed Sep 2 00:05:08 CDT 2009

Hi Joel,

Joel Canfield wrote:
> Looking for pointers I can pass along to a friend about selling a domain
> name [...] Any suggestions for making a rational valuation, 

Impossible.  Worth what the market will bear, and all that.

> services to use/not use,

I've used, and wholeheartedly recommend Sedo.com for selling domain 
names, should he decide to sell it for any significant sum in an 
arm-length transaction (i.e. to someone he does not know, trust and.or 
have recourse against, should try to pull a fast one).  They have the 
only system I've seen for correctly brokering domain transfers in a way 
that protects both the buyer and seller.  They actually do what other 
escrow services claim to do, but usually fail to do (at least in the 
case of domain names), which is technically and irrevocably assume 
control of both the funds and the domain name before releasing either to 
the parties of the sale.

> things he ought to think about, avoid, or plant in the basement?

Sounds like this is a domain with a lot of personal sentimental value 
that he might really regret letting go of on down the road.  Why not use 
Network Solutions 99 year domain registration service, park some 
archival content on it and wait for the revival (or the reunion tour) 
years from now?  It might be worth much more in the future -- Sedo also 
lets you list a domain for sale (along with its site/content) and allow 
bidders to come to him, for as long as it takes to get an offer he feels 
is fair?



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