[thelist] POP3 Account Setup Issue on Shared Windows Box

Chris Dempsey chris at gettheedgeonline.com
Wed Sep 9 15:36:10 CDT 2009

Hi all,

We're looking to run a website on a shared server running Windows, on
which we have a reseller account, that will display different content
depending on which URL a visitor comes in on eg.

We setup hosting for: golfclub-central-website.co.uk


golfclub3.co.uk   are all set as aliases for:

The golfclub-central-website.co.uk files figure which URL the visitor
came in on and displays the content accordingly.  That part is easy but
I can't figure how to setup the email ie. 

info at golfclub1.co.uk and info at golfclub2.co.uk would both be aliases for
info at golfclub-central-website.co.uk which is no use as both golfclub1
and golfclub2 need to have an info@ box they can receive mail on.

Any suggestions on how we could setup independent mail boxes for each

We could achieve this by changing the MX record for each of the
golfclub1, golfclub2 etc. domains to point to a server outside of our
shared server's network to another shared reseller hosting account but I
don't think it's the best idea to go setting up accounts for each domain
just to handle the mail.  

I guess a better idea might be to get an exchange server to run the mail
but I prefer not to have another account to manage and anything that
costs money makes it less favourable, although I appreciate money may
need to be spent to achieve what I need.  

What I am really hoping for is that someone knows a way to handle this
on the single shared reseller account.

Any suggestions?



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