[thelist] what's the hole in my contact form anti-spam?

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> > They are including the hidden field as part of the submit
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> > okay, I guess that's logical; how? they're parsing the contact page, then
> going to the response page?

Several scripting languages make this a trivial exercise, including PHP.
Using PHP and curl one can write a scrapping bot.  It's easy enough to
assume that all fields including hidden ones are required for a form to
submit and process.  So just like a browser, the script downloads the
page, adds information to the form and submits it to the action url for
processing.  There's nothing tricky about it.  A 'hidden' field is still
visible client side.

Once the get a successful post they no longer even need to grab the
form.  They can just post the same fields with different values to your
processing script.

As an exercise save your form to another PHP enabled webserver, perhaps
a development machine.  Change the action to reflect the full URL of the
processing script.  Then open that page in a browser and fill it out and

That's all the scrappers are doing.

You need some way to either test for a human sitting at the form loaded
into the browser, or some way to test weather the data received actually
came from the form loaded into a browser.

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