[thelist] How to check if a domain has hosting

Krystian - Sunlust sunlust at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 11:29:12 CDT 2009


We have a bit of a problem with one of the clients, he has over 20
different domains and due to problems with forwarding and the settings
he is loosing out on SEO I provide.

His hosting company claims that there is no hosting on a number of
domains, just redirect, but I can see that on some of those domains
there is PR (Google bar shows it), while on others there isn't.

Google is totally confused ranking few of the domains, while it
shouldn't if they're forwarded.
I was thinking it might be framed forwarding, but if I hover some of
the links on the website they go to www.xxx.com while others go to
www.yyy.com (xxx.com being the domain, www.yyy.com being the domain it
should be forwarded to)

I tried to type www.xxx.com/cpanel and it comes up with a dialog box,
now, if it's frame forwarding, is it possible that it's taking that
Cpanel login from the domain it should be forwarding to?

Anyway, sorry for going deep into details, I can't provide the URL or
the code due to the privacy of the client, but in theory, is there any
way to check if a domain has hosting on it?

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