[thelist] .htaccess redirect

Susan Payne Susan.Payne at cpa.state.tx.us
Thu Sep 10 12:39:53 CDT 2009

Thanks for the replies.


I want apply this redirect to one directory only.  Users are sent a
weekly e-mail newsletter which also gives a link to web-version if they
can't view the email. We need to keep a month's worth of the web
versions. But if someone goes back in her inbox to one of the
newsletters sent a couple of months ago, I don't want them accessing an
expired newsletter or an error page, even a custom one. I want them to
go to the directory index.


I tried putting the override in this directory's .htaccess but it didn't
work. When I put it in the root directory it overrode the error pages
for the entire site.


Susan Payne






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