[thelist] How to check if a domain has hosting

Phil Turmel pturmel-webdev at turmel.org
Sat Sep 12 08:26:08 CDT 2009

Krystian - Sunlust wrote:
> Theyre saying that there's no hosting account associated to that domain.
> DNS record would change the address in the address bar (I think).
> Usually I'd say "okay, there's not".
> But if I'm on that website and I hover the links, some of them point
> to the domain yyy.com (the one the domain should be pointing to as
> redirected) and some of them point to xxx.com (the domain that shows
> in the address bar as current).
> When I click google toolbar's Show cached version it shows the yyy.com.
> But when I type the yyy.com domain all the link on the page point to it.
> Regards,

Hi Krystian,

Based on all the comments so far, I suspect Jon is right:  xxx.com
simply has an IP address in your DNS provider that points to the same
server as yyy.com.  If the yyy.com webserver is not set up w/ name-based
virtual hosting, any name that points at that IP address will see the
same content.

As for the link display when hovering:  those pages probably have a mix
of absolute and relative URLs.  The absolute URLs will always show
yyy.com.  The relative URLs are computed on the fly by your browser to
show the effective URL when you hover.  "View source" will show you the
real URLs in the page.

I suggest you look up the DNS entries for both xxx.com and yyy.com
(nslookup in a shell, perhaps).  I'd bet (a little) that both domains
point at the same IP address.



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