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Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Sat Sep 12 08:54:26 CDT 2009


These were good thoughts which I added to the requirements - We'll place 
something in the spreadsheet even if not an image..

After a week's worth of tinkering and a bit of Vulcan Mind Merge 
yesterday I was able to both create the dynamic product using user input 
(in Joomla/Virtuemart), run a fake customer through the shopping cart to 
completion, and deliver to the pseudo customer by email the downloadable 
.csv file which resides out of webroot.

One nice benefit of the CMS is that it has a debugging toggle which if 
enabled outputs the queries to the screen.  To prep a downloadable 
product in Virtuemart for the shop five or six tables are referenced.  
Without the debugging enabled (or without a map of all the tables) you 
could spend days 'wondering' what else.

Virtuemart's process of both adding a downloadable file and ensuring 
that it is downloadable is horribly awkward.  Figuring this out truly 
required reading the manual.


, Mike Maughan wrote:
> A couple of thoughts in respect of securing said product; if you are 
> generating document output (such as pdf or ebook format) how about 
> embedding the buyer's details in the output (perhaps as a footer line) 
> saying "this item bought by xxxxxx; please do not copy".  You could 
> also generate and embed a simple transparent pixel map or maybe 
> background-colour text encoding a serial number which you hold against 
> the purchase, so if you find copies "in the wild" you can trackback.
> Regards, Mike
> 2009/9/3 Bob Meetin <bobm at dottedi.biz <mailto:bobm at dottedi.biz>>
>     Just a wee bit of brainstorming here with a new project.
>     * The product is information and will change dynamically for
>     each/every
>     customer and instance.
>     * The customer will choose from an a-la-carte list then an algorithm
>     will be applied to calculate the charge.
>     * He/she go through the checkout and pays.
>     * Customer will get access to the downloadable output.
>     Payment options - the client would prefer using a true payment gateway
>     and offer regular choices as opposed to forcing the customer to
>     register
>     with a use PayPal.  Perhaps authorize.net <http://authorize.net>
>     or www.cdgcommerce.com <http://www.cdgcommerce.com>?
>     I will use Joomla CMS for the website which gives access to Virtuemart
>     eCommerce. Regardless whether it is VM or PayPal, I'm sure that I can
>     dynamically (on the fly) create a product as soon as the customer
>     agrees
>     to make the purchase then take that makeshift product through the cart
>     process and eventually to the payment Gateway.
>     Although a product/SKU is created I can probably keep it hidden from
>     public view by not providing access via a search, product list,
>     category
>     tree, etc.
>     Does this sound like a reasonable route with a product that
>     dynamically
>     changes?  Any comments or ideas?
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Standards - you gotta love em - with so many to choose from!

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