[thelist] How to check if a domain has hosting

Roberto Gorjão roberto at asenseofdesign.com
Sat Sep 12 11:02:51 CDT 2009

Krystian - Sunlust wrote:
> Nope, no frameset definitions.
> Yesterday I finally had access to the ftp for the main domain and
> changing code on the website is changing code on all of them that
> should be pointing.
> So they're not pointing or redirecting,

What leaded you to conclude that there's no redirecting? If there's 
redirecting to the main domain, then alteration on its code would be 
reflected on the others too.

>  how is it possible that the
> URL stays in the address bar, even after going into content pages,  is
> it framed forwarding??

Frame forwarding implies that the address stays exactly the same, all 
the time. Even when you press an internal link, the url would always end 
at the tld. Also, you would necessarily see a frameset at the source.

If the URL stays the same, iframes may also be in use. Look for iframes 
at the source.

The links are meaningless. They may point to another domain but, if that 
one is redirected, you will always end up at the main targeted one. Look 
to the source and you'll find out if they were wrongly hard coded. That 
may be why Google is confused.

If your client doesn't pay you enough to investigate this thoroughly, as 
you said before, ask your client to have access to the domain control 
panel. I should presume that he must either provide the means or the 
tools... if he wants the job done.


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