[thelist] Is there is a Wordpress theme that looks like this

Shelley Watson swatson at internavigate.com
Wed Sep 16 12:42:42 CDT 2009

I would do a search on the codex for anything with a minimalist approach,
white one column, etc.
Take a look at: http://elementsofseo.com/ and see if that works for you
Possibly a version of Cutline would work?

Cheers, Shelley

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Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 12:59:28 -0400
From: "Nan Harbison" <nan at nanharbison.com>
Subject: [thelist] Is there is a Wordpress theme that looks like this
	blogspot theme?
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Hi folks,
Before I spend hours searching for a similar theme on Wordpress (this blog
is moving to its own site), maybe someone knows if there is a theme that
looks similar to the theme being used here:


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