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Todd Richards todd at promisingsites.com
Mon Sep 21 10:49:55 CDT 2009

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.  I appreciate the personal
recommendations.  And yes, I will look at Drupal again Fred!  :)

By the way, has anyone used, or have feelings about ExpressionEngine?  No,
not free but very reasonable.  And they supposedly can do what I'm after.
I've read good things about them but haven't talked with anyone personally
about it.  And I haven't had time to personally download and set up...


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> I'm looking for a good CMS for a site for a bar/restaurant.  Flavor isn't
> big deal - can either be .NET or PHP.  However, free/cheap is important.
> Besides being easy to use, the two major "modules" that it needs is to
> manage events, and have a GOOD photo gallery.  By "good", it would be nice
> to have the ability to upload multiple files at once.  The ones I've been
> looking at have options such as "if you want to upload multiple files,
> the add button and choose your new file."  That won't work if you have 100
> photos from an event they want to publish.
> I've looked at several, but without installing and hunting down modules, I
> can't tell if they will do what I need.  So if anyone knows of something
> that fits the bill, I would greatly appreciate it.

You will not find anything better than Drupal. Check out the home page
RIGHT NOW to see the latest post that a top-60 site is migrating to
Drupal. Get on the bandwagon dude. :)

Fred, Drupal groupie

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