[thelist] CMS Recommendations

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Mon Sep 21 12:23:40 CDT 2009

Will wrote:
> Don't tie up your CMS decision with your media gallery decision.
==>> Totally in agreement.
> though media is content, sounds like that's only there to support your
> main content - events. As you start to want to extend the events model
> (adding more meta, possibly assigning users/groups/who knows), you'll
> be bummed that you went with the CMS that had bulk uploading as it's
> main feature. If anything, calendering is way thornier. Better
> questions are Does this support my existing workflow? Is this
> something I can maintain and extend? Is there enough
> support/documentation? Can I train content creators to use it?
==>> You know your clients, their habits, their needs.  Although there 
are great programs/components for the CMS's (RS2 Gallery for Joomla,, 
etc and I'm not promoting it, Drupal, etc.), it is not difficult to find 
or write a program yourself which can be used in any CMS that allows you 
to run custom scripts or custom code.  The program will likely run 
faster if unconstrained by the CMS framework.  Once you sort through how 
to handle user permissions then you're off to the races.
> There are lots and lots of photo services/galleries that you can tie
> into your CMS. flickr, gallery2, zenphoto and about 123135135 more.
> One nice thing about zenphoto is that it will allow you to dump 100
> photos via FTP or directly from windows.
> http://www.zenphoto.org/2009/07/zenphoto-uploader-for-windows/ No web
> form in the world is going to make uploading 100 photos fun though
> flickr comes closest.
> My boss writes this blog (http://cmsmyth.com). It's perhaps enterprise
> focused but I think a lot of it is very worth reading.

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