[thelist] asked to rebuild an eCommerce category/subcategory/product structure

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Tue Sep 22 08:45:20 CDT 2009

My client says to do exactly what the designer asks.

Background: I am using a template eCommerce system, am restyling it to 
meet the objective which includes database/php customizations as to how 
you navigate through the catagory/subcategory tree. The designer wishes 
to keep the site very clean by reducing the number of products in view 
when you get to the bottom level products listing page.

The example: Sub-category ABC has 25 products.  Rather than display the 
25 products in a dynamically generated table of 3 or 4 columns across 
and whatever number of rows needed, she wants me to use either one or 
two product scrollers which will probably show about 4 thumbnails 
horizontally with the scrolling mechanism.  Yes it will appear to look 

Aside from the fact that this will take substantial time to create as 
this is not how the software delivers the category/subcategory/product 
tree, I would appreciate some usability feedback.


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