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In addition to the country, region is also a huge factor.  Cities such as NY
and LA are likely to have a significantly higher rate than Charleston, SC
where I am.  And, small towns in the Midwest US are likely to be even lower.

I generally will talk at length with the client about the specifics of the
project, including an idea of the type of design they're looking for.  Then
I develop a proposal that is an estimate based upon how many hours I
anticipate putting into the project.  For some clients who must have a set
budgeted amount, I will sometimes do the site for a flat fee based upon the
estimated hours, but prefer whenever possible to charge by the hour--this
really helps when a client later says "but I also wanted..." or "I thought I
also told you I wanted...".  It also allows for the client who has millions
of questions and wants to spend literally hours discussing them on the phone
and via email, which of course is also time I must spend.



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There's lots of factors that impact the prize, for me usually the
biggest is "what can the client afford?".

You also didn't specify which country you're from.

What's the quality of the work, do you have foundations to ask for a
higher prize?

And lastly, the old, good technique, check websites of web designers
in your area, see if you can develop in a similar quality and then
call them pretending youre a client and ask for a ballpark figure. :)


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