[thelist] pricing for web sites?

Jenni Beard jenni at theweblotus.com
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Ok, so for those of you who disagree with hourly rates and tracking hours,
how do you handle the clients who ask incessant questions, usually the same
ones over and over again, and insist upon having 45 minute phone meetings
(or sometimes in person) that seem like déjà vu because you already covered
all of those topics and answered those questions in your last meeting???  It
seems that my small business clients are often like this, and when I do
agree to a set price I end up working for a small fraction of my usual
hourly rate as a result, and lose lots of time and energy on it!  Though it
seems rude to say "Oh, I already answered that for you before--you should
have taken notes!"

Yes, tracking hours is a pain, but so is wasting tons and tons of hours on a
project that is supposed to be a simple 10 hour job.



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> I choose to fixed price on an agreed set of deliverables. Clients love
> it (no surprises) and so do the companies who use me as an on-call
> developer resource (easy to budget for development resource when you
> know the cost up-front).
> I won't work any other way. Tracking hours is a pain, and automatically
leads to reviews and inspection and explanation.


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