[thelist] pricing for web sites?

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 04:15:07 CDT 2009

>> Ok, so for those of you who disagree with hourly rates and tracking hours,
>> how do you handle the clients who ask incessant questions, usually the same
>> ones over and over again, and insist upon having 45 minute phone meetings
>> (or sometimes in person) that seem like déjà vu because you already covered
>> all of those topics and answered those questions in your last meeting???

That's one reason we almost *never* do fixed-fee jobs--and I think
it's very hard to determine beforehand who will ask a million
questions and who won't. The other reason we don't do fixed-fee is
that scope always creeps and if you go back and ask for another $100
every day for this and that, you could end up looking like the creep.


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