[thelist] pricing for web sites?

Joel Canfield joel at bizba6.com
Wed Sep 23 16:52:18 CDT 2009

> This is something we've often struggled with. Some clients never
> completely finish their Web site content and leave a project
> languishing for a long time. Very few actually provide all content
> in a timely manner. Although we do collect 50% of the project's
> agreed upon final cost up front, naturally we'd like to avoid the "we
> don't have all the content" situation as much as possible.
> I'd be interested in knowing how some of you handle this.

we get 40% to start work, 40% when the *first complete draft* goes live. at
that point I've usually done about 80% of the work, and I've got 80% of the
money. if the client never finishes, I'm sad, but not out of money, and I've
side-stepped the 'being nibbled to death by ducks' that can go on during the
final phases.

we also include a paragraph in the contract that if they haven't provided
all the content within 60 days of contract signing, we can say 'done',
collect the balance, and go home. haven't exercised it yet, but it's there.


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