[thelist] pricing for web sites?

Joel Canfield joel at bizba6.com
Wed Sep 23 17:02:09 CDT 2009

> That said, I've never actually exercised this because the few times I've
> brought it up, I received an extremely negative response

Jenni, you're dealing with the wrong people. You're a professional. There
are folks out there who would love to have access to your dedication and
willingness to get things done.

> And while I do
> require a 50% deposit, often by the time that lack of receipt of content
> becomes an issue, I've invested more than 50% of the time allotted into the
> project.  I've been burned too many times to risk that coming up again, so
> generally do not push my luck.
> Always always know before you get upside down on money. Structure your
payments to protect you. *You* know you'll deliver; if the client balks,
it's better they balk early than after you're in this situation.

> I'm dealing with a client right now who is on a monthly agreement and is 4
> months behind.  She has not given me the content that I need to proceed
> with
> the work I'm supposed to be doing, but her contract stipulates that she pay
> the fee whether the two hours per month are used or not.  It really isn't a
> large enough sum to be worth going into small claims court over it, and if
> I
> were to do so I would lose a client who might, once her business improves,
> become a better regular client.

No, she won't. She is like this, now, already. Once her business improves,
she'll still have the same personality. You will not be important to her
then, because you're not important to her now.

People's business practices and personalities don't change just because
their financial situation does.

> It seems that so many of the small business owners that I contract with are
> rather unstable that way, though this one is more extreme than most.  If I
> had work pouring in, I wouldn't exactly worry about keeping those clients,
> but times are really hard right now!  Still haven't found the perfect way
> of
> handling this...
Now I'll get all touchy-feely on you, Jenni—you will attract what you
project, you will get what you expect. There are eleventy-leven bazillion
small business folks out there who are ethical, honest, and reasonable.
You're getting the goofballs because, somehow, that's what your marketing

I know this because I've been on both sides of the coin. I used to struggle
with nut jobs, hate dealing with customers, and generally be miserable at
work, whether it was self-employment or a regular job.

When I stopped accepting that this was my lot in life, and started demanding
that others behaved themselves, or leave me alone, voila! I started getting
clients who'd play along, treat me like an adult, and generally do the right

You're not a doormat. Don't accept that 'because times are tough I have to
take crap clients.' There is no shortage of money, *only a shortage of trust
that leads to spending.* Go out and give people a reason to trust that
you're a hardworking person who'll put their needs first, if only they'll
treat you like a professional. You will find those people, they'll shell out
because people will ALWAYS find a way to buy what they really want, and,
again I say, voila! Your own personal recession is over.

Jenni, if you'd like to contact me offline, I would so love to share some
specific things that'll help you get to do business with people who deserve
you. Free. Free advice, worth, probably, more than it costs ;)


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