[thelist] Website promotion

Joel Canfield joel at bizba6.com
Wed Sep 23 20:51:24 CDT 2009

> though I'd share it and see if anyone had any feedback (really - any at
> all, from grammar to composition to "you suck").
> http://serf.co.nz/dev/generic/Website-Promotion-and-Marketing.pdf

Great basic content for the small biz owner who needs to make something
happen but doesn't have a big budget. This is the first 20% they should do
to get 80% of the results, but most never do.

Needs formatting; even for just giving away to clients, or even ex-clients,
pretty it up with logical formatting in the document, and 'pretty'
formatting overall. Brand it, and give it away at your website as a 'free

Nice work, Paul.


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