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Mohan Arun L marun2 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 01:06:47 CDT 2009

>>There has been mention of using FTP for the file uploads.  That is certainly a possibility, although I guess I was thinking of a way to have everything under one "admin" site to avoid multiple links/logins for them.  I actually maintain a site for another venue, and use FTP to upload their pics all at once.  I just assume it's too much of a hassle for someone else.  But looking back on it, that really shouldn?t be that big of an issue.

If you can take a look at imagebam.com they have a way of uploading
multiple images at once and it automatically creates 'image gallery'
out of uploaded photos.

With custom coded page for a photo gallery,. You could start with the
most commonly used number of photos uploaded - say 5 at a time and
provide a box to 'add one more file upload box' and click that as many
times as necessary as there are number of photos, and you could upload
them all at once and a common photo gallery code will make a gallery
out of all the uploaded photos.

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