[thelist] controlling image height in Safari

John DeStefano john.destefano at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 10:03:19 CDT 2009

I'm working with a web application's stock style sheets and trying to  
customize a few things.  I'm having trouble getting a logo image's  
size to play nicely with Safari, while the size seems to be working  
fine in other browsers.

In the stylesheet definition for the logo id, I've specified a  
distinct height (30px), which is respected by Firefox, but Safari  
seems confused: the embedded source shows a height of 33, and the  
browser's info tools show a "computed style" height of 30.  I've even  
tried making the height !important, with the same results.   
Interestingly, Safari's info tools display a strike-through on the  
33px height, but that's the one that seems to be trumping my specified  
height anyway (see attached image, or this link if the attachment get  


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