[thelist] Pulldown Menu Not Lining Up

David Laakso david at chelseacreekstudio.com
Sun Sep 27 16:14:48 CDT 2009

Rachell Coe wrote:
> http://theportlandballet.4thegrapes.com/Classes/index.htm. How its
> supposed to work is the nav link is supposed to be centered under each
> squared picture, and the pulldown box is supposed to align to the
> right and left of the squared picture above it. Each <li> is supposed
> to be 150px with a 10px right margin so it will line up with the
> above, corresponding square picture, but after the first one, all the
> rest are too far to the left. Anyone have any ideas what the problem
> is?


I think in the long-run you'll have much better luck using a different 
menu than trying to fix what you have.
This one [1] works well cross-browser and is relatively simple to 
position within most any layout. Build it on a separate clean sheet, 
then position it in your layout once its working satisfactorily.


PS Whatever does it for you and the client, but it seems a little 
peculiar to see a table based layout nowadays...

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