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Tue Sep 29 09:27:12 CDT 2009

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> I would like it to send to personal email addresses because I think my mail
> server restricts how many I can send at one time and it looks more personal
> to send to their email rather than bcc.
> On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 2:16 AM, Martin Burns <martin at easyweb.co.uk> wrote:
>> On 28 Sep 2009, at 20:20, Tony Spiro wrote:
>>> Can someone please tell me what my best option is for a PHP email 
>>> newsletter application for my site.
>> Do you need it personalising for each recipient? Or is it for a 
>> standard mailing list type thingy, except that you're the only one who 
>> can send to it?
>> Cheers
>> Martin
www.dadamail.com is doable.  the free version will do most of what you 
want with a batch of email addresses; the commercial version (one time 
license fee) I think allows some additional personalization (probably 
people names). you can import/export addresses as you wish from .csv.

many hosting providers have either hourly or daily limits for sending 
messages.  with hostgator the limit is 500/hr; 200 is common. place a 
service request to the provider to find out.  then you do some simple 
math, edit the seconds between messages configuration to run under the 
radar screen.  the component i use on my joomla websites does similar, 
different terminology i think they call it throttling.

the other thing on any of these programs to note is what happens during 
a service interruption of any sort, local-network-computer. read the 
manual to learn whether it auto-restarts or you have to access a page 
and jump-start it.

Bob Meetin
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