[thelist] Just moved from Vista to Ubuntu -Web Dev Help???

Viggie viggie at viggie.com
Wed Sep 30 00:32:34 CDT 2009

Hi Jay,

I prefer to use Synaptic Package Manager for LAMP install.   After using
the simple 'Mark packages by Task' to select LAMP server, I do a quick
search within Synaptic to find apache mods & php modules such as
imagemagick, gd2, curl, mcrypt, xmlrpc etc.,  and install them only
after marking all the extra modules.

It's really much easier to customize as you wish using synaptic.   I
also install /home in a separate partition and use a folder within my
account as 'document root' for apache.  So it will be easier to edit &
if ever I decide to change to another linux flavor my localhost files
will be intact.

I was a regular user of Notepad++ in Windows.  My preference in ubuntu
are Bluefish (for all editing) & Cssed (mostly for css).   Bluefish
looked a bit bare at first, but on continued usage I find it

Hope that helps,

Helping websites to work

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